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Creating competent learners and enriching young lives

Education without Borders (EwB) invests in and nurtures hope in the next generation of young South Africans by providing life-changing educational programmes for learners from under-resourced and socially disadvantaged communities.

It achieves this through inter-related educational activities that include after school programmes in maths, English and science, and extracurricular activities such as choir, surfing, soccer and leadership camps. This multifaceted approach addresses the diverse needs of these at-risk learners.

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To empower disadvantaged and at-risk children around the world to achieve their full potential through effective educational interventions.


To provide educational opportunities in South Africa for disadvantaged and at-risk children. This includes after school programmes in mathematics, science, English, school leadership, and youth mentorship. EwB also supports Indigenous education projects in Canada.

Our History

EwB was founded in 2002 by Cecil and Ruth Hershler, two ex-South Africans living in Vancouver, who have continued to be at its helm since its inception. Initial funds raised in Vancouver enabled new classrooms and a science laboratory to be built at Fezeka High School in Gugulethu. In 2009, they established an after-school programme that has continued to provide tutoring, personal mentorship and individualised support in township schools in the Western Cape.

What we do


EwB stimulates interest and engagement in academic learning and enriches lives by building self-esteem through mentoring and leadership training.


Education without Borders is governed by regional boards in South Africa, Canada and Australia, with subcommittees that advise the operations team on the ground and have fiduciary responsibility. Regional boards in Canada and Australia provide financial support through fundraising efforts such as EwB’s South African Film Festivals.

South Africa
  • Thato Makgolane, Board Chair
  • Ruth Hershler
  • Stephen Murefu


  • Cecil Hershler, Board Chair
  • Ruth Hershler, Executive Director
  • Sandy Berman
  • Denese Belchetz
  • Suzanne O’Donaghue
  • Judy Kirby
  • Tim Pezarro
  • Wendy Royal


  • Geoff Solarsh, Board Chair
  • Cecil Hershler
  • Claire Jankelson
  • David Jankelson
  • Keith Miller
  • Margot Segal
  • Jo Silbert

founders message

Dear EwB supporters,

The situation in South Africa, on a macro level (government, municipality, society), is not optimistic. We are fed stories daily of incompetence, corruption and even criminality in the government in the news.

Educational opportunities have diminished in the poorer regions accompanied by increasing poverty, unemployment and feelings of hopelessness. Small businesses and township schools buckle under an ever increasing loss of electricity and poor municipal services. Against this sombre backdrop, we have a gallant group of NGO’s (of which EwB proudly raises its flag) keeping learning alive, providing safe supportive spaces, nutrition, sport and, above all, hope for a better future.

Yours in education,

Ruth and Cecil
Founders of EwB