Academic Programmes

Programmes are designed to stimulate interest and engagement in learning and to complement the South African school curriculum. Small group activities with low learner to tutor ratios promote active engagement and maximise learning. Classes are mostly offered after school hours and on Saturdays.

Mathematics:  Afterschool programme for Grades 4 to 12

English: Afterschool programme for Grades 4 to 9

Physical Science:  Afterschool programme for Grades 10 to 12

Language Enrichment Programme: In-classroom programme for Grades 1 – 3 in reading, writing and comprehension. Delivered by EwB tutors for 30mins/week class in each class of each grade during school hours.

School in a Box: School in a Box is a closed internet system covering all appropriate South Africa curricula including English, mathematics and Science. Each Box contains 15-20 connected tablets. There are two boxes at each of EwB’s sites. The students are thoroughly engaged by the opportunity of a more digital and personalised learning experience. It allows learners to individualise their learning trajectories and to work on their own, with support, or collectively in groups.

Skills Mastery Methodology at EwB

At every Grade level, the mathematics curriculum has five core content domains: a) Numbers, Operations, and Relationships; b) Patterns; c) Space and Shape; d) Measurement and e) Data Handling. These content domains are made up of topics with a set of skills: place-value; operations; patterning; solving equations etc. Each topic requires a set number of skills to be mastered before the topic is fully understood e.g. to add 9 + 4 one needs to master the operation of addition through a variety of question prompts, that includes visual, symbol and worded. All these question items are denoted as skills. At each Grade level, once skills and its related question items are documented, the year is divided into Skill Mastery cycles.

Each cycle includes a pre-assessment, remediation process and a post-assessment. Each cycle is approximately 6 weeks. There are two remediation sessions in mathematics per week. Each remediation session begins with 10 minutes covering 5 assessments (called Formative assessments or SMA) of skills previously covered. This assists remediation planning by the tutors. By the end of the year, due to time constraints, the EwB after-school programme will only have mastered a portion of the total number of skills needed. This emphasizes the need to replicate this SM methodology in school hours with teachers where more skills can be covered.

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